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 Environment Car Wood Motor Power Super

What if someone were to suggest creating a super car with 600cv power, made completely out of wood? Inspired by World War II airplanes, some of which built in wooden structures, Joe Harmon dared to take his academic project forward. asking himself "why shouldn't there be a car made out of wood?".

The Splinter is a car of fine lines, with a central engine and a monocoque design that will be built almost entirely out of wood, including the chassis, most of the suspensions and even the wheels. The goal is to not cross over the 1100 kg limit and its creator says he is not trying to sell it or prove anything with it, his super car is simply an exercise that aims at exploring materials and their properties, learning, teaching, sharing ideas and stimulating creativity.

For this prototype to exist, there will certainly be many technical details to overcome, but it is still a vision of an elegant object, born from a great deal of conviction.

 Environment Car Wood Motor Power Super

 Environment Car Wood Motor Power Super

Don't forget to check out Joe Harmon's website.

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