Calyx Umbrella - an environmentally-friendly umbrella

 Environment Umbrella Rain

An umbrella is a fairly old tool. However, aside from a few creative solutions that pop up occasionally, through the years, it hasn't suffered great changes in its shape or method of using. To remedy this, the Talus Furniture company decided to rethink the entire concept of the umbrella and create a prototype with an optimized working system.

In the traditional systems, the canvas of the umbrella is opened and held in its position by a set of wire ribs, in a radial manner. These ribs pose various challenges, such as their frailty and the sharpness of its edges and sides that can cut through the canvas and even hurt our eyes. In this new concept, the umbrella's structure is a flexible "skeleton" that expands outwards and to the sides simultaneously. It can be made out of plastic or bamboo and has no sharp edges. The prototype for the Calyx Umbrella was inspired by natural shapes and as such, its canvas looks like the petals of a flower.


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