David Belle: The Displacement Art

 David Belle Parkour

Those who already know the parkour, or PK, keep in mind that it is neither a new activity nor even exclusively urban. Its first appearance go back to the beginning of the 20th century, but recently this practice is spreading out and becoming known by the people. David Belle, through his extraordinary performances and media publishing, lifting up the parkour to the art status.

Parkour is an activity which aims the fast displacement and the obstacles overtaking efficiently and softly using nothing but the body. It has a strong physical component and a spiritual dimension, where the obstacles symbolize the difficulties we have to overtake in life with the same efficacy, knowledge and self-denial. In this aspect, it is similar to the martial arts.

Strength, agility, flexibility, velocity and tenacity are necessary qualities for practicing this activity and David Belle showed them up again. After series of experiences, including Kung Fu, learning, he diced to register his skill and agility performances in a video. Fast success -- since then, he participated in promotional and cinema movies and became parkour worldly known.

 David Belle Parkour

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