Quantae - unconscious particles


Quantum is a concept used by the Quantum Physics and by the Quantum Mechanics to denominate the minor, the indivisible part of a quantitative phenomenon that, even small, keeps all the characteristics of that same phenomenon.

For many psychoanalysis tendencies, every symptom causes a trauma which comprehends the elements of the main trauma that unleashed the neurosis. It nearly means that, investigating the agony of a person who cannot cross the street at the moment he needs to do this task, it is possible to investigate what caused that limitation.

is like an iceberg -- said Freud. Conscience lies appearing at the surface, as all the rest -- our forgotten memory -- forms a submerse huge thing which is dangerously fascinating. But the extremity is still there and keep the information about the invisible.


There are the dreams. Confused little ventures, digestion of our quotidian, sometimes they are so weird, the situations can be very absurd and we have no idea of it, as all those object are put together. Dreams are the digestion of our memories, of the information we swallow day after day and form images, sounds and sensations which are necessary for our brain maintenance. But they are also the manifestation field of that part in us which is under the deep ocean of all we want to forget, of what disturbs us.

The Quantae community on Flickr, that was created by the Italian Daniela, aims to reunite illusions and fragments of the unconscious, photographs on purpose or at random that brings the inconstant and sometimes incomprehensible junction of objects and impressions. Nowadays the gallery has more than 9,500 images; highly creative captures that take us to the accomplishment of our dreamed insanity. Besides, they let us see a little about the obsessive captures of the photographers. All remembrance selection is a quantae of oblivion.







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