Lady Gaga and her footsteps on the way to fame

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Listening about the decline of the nowadays pop music isn't a new thing. Superficial themes, musical weakness and sale care are the main arguments of those who defend this pessimistic way of thinking. The increasing decay of albums' sales also doesn't happen to get the whole picture better... But a voice shuts up the mouth of the critics. Not just the voice -- the surrealistic costumes, astonishing stage presence and hits which can't get out of the minds for a long time.

Lady Gaga comes to the spotlights...

Don't be mistaken by the poker face -- behind the multicolored face and the easy choruses, there's a well-trained musician since her childhood, influenced by unequal elements like Andy Warhol's pop art, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Madonna artistic attitudes, free thinkers like Rainer Maria Rilke and the 1980s and 1990s synthpop aesthetic. Gaga, born as Stefani Germanota, knows exactly what she's doing.

The way to fame surely wasn't that easy. After a beginning period marked by drugs' consumption and creative indecision at New York, Gaga hadn't found her way into the music world. Her first songs were good, but they were dressed up by a garment totally different from the synthesizers and characteristic beats of her recent counterpart. Stefani Germanotta made beautiful piano songs, where she could explore her beautiful voice. She was still a brown-haired girl and her clothes weren't full of extravagancy.

It was the conscious desire of transcending her artistic abilities that brought to life the Lady Gaga's persona -- a name given by one of her first collaborators, the producer Rob Fusari, in an obvious homage to the Queen band. As the name was created, the following natural step would be the visual and musical transformation.

And, then, enters her wide cultural repertoire under the spotlights: gaga got surrounded by stylists, designers and people connected to the latest pop trends -- the Haus of gaga; she added the euro dance influence to her natural talent for melodies; and created the concept of the fame search which permeates her albums: The Fame and The Fame Monster.

At the first album, Gaga celebrates the pop fame world, with its glamour and frantic rhythm. Entertainment and hedonism are present in musics like Poker Face e Just Dance. Paparazzi is almost self-explicative song , referring photographers who live capturing pop stars' moments of intimacy. However, this whole picture is captured with a subtle irony and subversion. Showing the bright side of the fame, Lady Gaga speaks right to our egos, always avid by the spotlights -- and exposes the consequences of searching for success.

This nuance is explored at her most recent album, The Fame Monster, which deals with the dark side brought by fame in the shape of "monsters" acting at every aspect of her life: the physical and mental consumption, complicated relationships, fears and uncertainties. The pop world is ephemeral, but art creation and true expression are possible. Living this world through her alter ego, Gaga showed to the world the true Stefani, the inner artist. And that's why she's at the top.

The 24-years-old Lady Gaga is consolidated as a pop queen, influencing not just music, fashion, behavior and design. Other artists never cease to reverence her, from Alice Cooper to Beyoncé, with who she recorded the new hit Telephone. The video clip of this music has almost 10 minutes and a narrative which mixes prison tragedies, Road movies and Quentin Tarantino films. All these things are evolved by her multicolored and unique style.

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