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In November 18, 2008, Mickey Mouse, the greatest Disney symbol, completed 80 years with suitable healthy. The octogenarian celebration happens in the middle of a hard work by the company in order to recover its image of beauty, fantasy and, mainly, good moral lesson brought by its works. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, for example, stars of its channel, have been noticed by their scandals. High School Musical, for instance, is far from the present concepts of movie romance -- a sweet kind of story. But it was a boom! This format had already been testified on "The Cheetah Girls", but they also slipped through a toboggan when pictures of the ladies getting naked were discharged over the Internet.

But, despite the lessons and fine values by which the company was always distinguished, the truth is that many people proclaim that obscure things are around it. Who had never ever heard about that demoniac sanctuary that was supposed to be at Disneyland, a place where Mickey Mouse plays a saint role? Or the work affirmation that, yes, Walt Disney is frozen and waiting for resurrection by cryogenics? Ok, but these are only speculations. Keep the kids away and let's take the facts.

Scary deaths

In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the villain Frollo contemplates Quasimodo reduced to tears by the death of his beloved Esmeralda and, with words pronounced to put an end to the pain of the guy, he takes a knife and prepares himself to betray the poor man. Why? Frollo kept inside of him an unrepressed sexual desire by the gypsy woman and, as a church servant couldn't evoke these kind of feelings, he chose the best way to establish the peace for everybody: kill the woman and the humpbacked man. Happily, Quasimodo sees the Frollo's shadow and, in a battle with one of the most dramatic Disney accompaniments, he combats the clergyman over the roof of the cathedral (a classic place for final combats). After confessing he's the murder of Quasimodo's mother, Frollo is thrown out down the wall, but takes the guy with him -- but Quasimodo is saved by Esmeralda (who wasn't really dead). At those typical moments of mercy, Frollo get back to the safe wall with his unsatisfied seek for revenge, almost decapitating his desired gypsy woman. But God is watching everything and transforms the gargoyle where he was steadying himself into a terrible beast that shows its teeth to him -- obviously, he gets scared and there goes Frollo, falling into the flames burning downside, clearly symbolizing the eternal flames. Final lesson: God isn't more cruel and looking for revenge than Disney.

In Lion King, we have two terrible deaths. The first one is Simba's father murdered by his own brother Scar -- a very traumatizing factor. But nature is hard and, years later, Simba has to be reconciled with his own origins and return to his kingdom, now administrated by his uncle. At an awful feline body fights, close on the edge (like always happen on live actionsfinal fights, which always take place on quarries). When he has the great opportunity to put an end to Scar's life, Simba mercifully capitulates using the sentence "I'm not like you" and ordinates that the uncle goes away from the kingdom and never come back. The humble Scar goes away slowly, but -- ok, let's forget that, by his age, he's like a slop clothe compared to the Lion King -- he tries to strike Simba again. With some effort, the nice lion throws Scar down the edge. He doesn't die, but down there, on the flaming ground, are his ex-friends hyenas, which devour them horribly. Never rely on hyenas.

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