Brief history of porn cinema - #2

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Those were the moments of expansion and definition of dogmas and clichés. Anal, orgies, gang bang, double penetration, the facials, gape and the importation of bukkake (with Japanese origin) dominated the way of telling the story. Movies like Deep Throat and Emmanuelle are part of the Bible of the current genre. With this, Europe -- with its Le ore, from Italy -- and Japan -- with its Joshikosei -- in scenes which simulated a snuff movie, also highly invested on their productions, breaking rules and reinventing the way of making movies. It isn't unreasonable that a lot of the North-American independent cinema of the 1980s assembled some of the ideas which came up at the porn cinema.

With the incursion of the videocassettes in the 1980s, the porn movies reached the homes all over the world and the constellation of stars also appeared -- the actresses as the important part of the motion picture -- much more important than the directors and the plot. This kind of thing changed at the 1990s, the brands took the market and became a reference, as Buttman. Currently, with a strong and profitable, the genres stood firm. There are the high budget movies, generally with famous actresses and plot, and the amateurs, in which the idea isn't look professional and are related to theoretically forbidden relationships (doctor and nurse, father and nanny, and so on.) There are also the softcores, which doesn't show the genitals, neither explicit scene. Another unchangeable rule is the uncountable sequences of movies, with forty or fifty sequences.

Independent of its industrial status, the porn cinema is able to produce curious cinematographic samples, most part because of its daring or fearless of exceeding. The directors, indefatigable on the search for differentiation, are able of the most spectacular radical changes of narrative or even using photography, as the tenor, by itself, rarely escapes from the maxim target: entertaining the spectators and exciting them. Under this aspect, the "based on facts" style came up and was matured at pornographic works, as also the different use of colors to provide narrative shape to the actions. As it seems that everything goes, the porn cinema doesn't hesitate when the subject is taking risks. And, in art, risk is almost always a crucial factor.

pornography porno pornographic classic

This transgressor aspect isn't always found, as the massive production block the time for a more detailed production, as it was common in the 1970s. With this, it's joined the exploiting regime of the industry, which consumes its actresses and actors on the highest level, almost on a criminal manner on quite a few cases. But, even like this, playing with the libido, the porn cinema allows moments of artistic sublimation forming the sequence art in movement. It's a way of making movies that doesn't accept cowardice. It's something that currently seems as a rule for many cinema genres.

Put like this, pornography is an integrating part of history of mankind and of art, in which painting, sculpture and literature made interesting artistic treatises taking pornography as a basis. This story is almost difficult for precise tracking. From the ruins at Pompeii to the Paleolithic arts, passing through the texts of Marquis de Sade, there are pornographic registers on everything you can imagine. And at the cinema, what we could call pornographic, at Paulo Rafael's concept, happens since its invention...

The moviemaker Fernando Augusto Tiezzi affirms on a text about the History of Cinema: "In the end of the 19th century, when cinema came up, it was born also a new genre that would become cinema a popular stuff: the erotic genre. It's known that, when it was becoming a mass diversion at the named vaudevilles, many movies had already an erotic connotation and even scenes of explicit sex. The absence of history allowed fast scenes, with non-credited actors and would serve for an instant use -- and soon after the movie would be forgotten or thrown out. As the vaudevilles were, on a certain way, put apart, those movies weren't censored and were normally exhibited."

pornography porno pornographic classicpornography porno pornographic classic

Some of the main movies:

Behind the green door (1972)
First movie release on all the movie theaters all over United States. Made by the Mitchell brothers, it's starred by Marilyn Chambers.

Debbie does Dallas (1978)
Starred by Bambi Woods and Christie Ford, with the name of Misty Winter. In the 1990s, it won a Broadway staging, without, of course, scenes of sex.

Deep throat (1972)
Directed by Gerard Damiano and starred by Linda Lovelace, the movie was the first world success of the porn cinema.

Emmanuelle (1974)
Emmanuelle or Emanuelle is the character of the softcore movies created by Emmanuelle Arsan at the novel "The Joys of a Woman". The first movie was made on France in 1969 and the version exhibited throughout the world was remade in USA with Sylvia Kristel at the starring role.

The devil in miss Jones (1973)
Justine Jones practices suicide and goes to hell, where the devil offers her the chance of one more life, now as a libertine. Georgina Spelvin is the actress at the first movie which broke the US$ 50 million profit margins.

The world's biggest gang bang (1995)
240 minutes of a movie concerning the Annabel Chong's attempt (Grace Quek, her real name) of making sex with 300 men on January, 1995.

Author of the Article: Danilo Corci, Speculum.

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