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There's nothing new at the men's fascination by time, and even the archaic (but efficient) Sundials proved the obsession of human kind by the abstract concept. In the 17th century, by the time of the discovery of new worlds, a tribal leader from Indonesia described at the book "Papalagui" -- which literally means the occidental man -- his visions about the European habits and noticed the relationship of men with time.

"Papalagui is never satisfied with the time that was destined to him. (...) He cuts it like he cuts the pieces of a soft coconut with a chopping knife. The various parts have each one a different name: second, minute, hours. (...) It's such a confuse stuff that I never could get at all, (...) Papalagui, however, turns it into a science. Men, women and even the children who can't stand on their legs quite well bring with them, attached by bulky metal chains around their necks, or attached around their fist by a leather strap, a little flattened and round machine where they can read time -- what isn't easy at all."

Well, such obsession has a name. Horology is the science (or art) which studies the instruments of time measure: watches and chronographs are the most common samples. For some people, it's a merely a functional theme -- but for a restrict group of fans, it is a real art with many centuries of existence, with museums and libraries dedicated to the theme.

machine MB&F watch time temporal

Mastership and passion for the horological art originated also the creative MB&F agency (Maximilian Büsser and Friends), which aims to create, every year, a new piece of art for time consult. Theses models are, simultaneously, sculpture and micromechanics: machines which tell the hours, instead of machines for showing the hours.

Constructing tridimensional mechanisms, instead of watches, these objects can set us free from the constraints imposed by the traditional horology, turning it into a "kinetic art".

machine MB&F watch time temporal

A sample is the most recent design piece, HM3 Frog, which has unique characteristics. Besides the fact that all machinery are in sight, like at the other models, the name "frog" is inspired in nature and comes from the watch original dial. Similar to the frogs' eyes, the aspect of the machine has an inverse function: at the amphibian the salience allows it to look at several directions without moving its head, at the dial it allows the carrier looking at the hours from distinct positions.

And this is one of the multiple details that can be found at the four MB&F horological machines dedicated to the time veneration, taking precedence for transparency and endurance. Is it preciosity or dedication? Time will tell.

machine MB&F watch time temporal


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