IDENTITY - visual concept by Jeffrey Wang

identity jeffrey wang

At a modern and immediate society, which promotes more and more the idea that having -- and not being -- is the most important thing, is obviously easy to lose the references of who you are. For the Chinese artist Jeffrey Wang, it's difficult to be yourself under the constant attack of all kinds of influences. It's a way right to the loss of identity.

According this idea, he creates "IDENTITY" -- a concept that explores, photographically speaking, the process that disfigure the essence of the individual, through external interferences. IDENTITY is how Jeffrey Wang sees this whole process, which exists since the time when we're born. IDENTITY is a fight for individuality.

identity jeffrey wang

His art is influenced by philosophy, in which he sees one of the main aspects that define the people's behavior. At his works, the artist tries to represent the human emotions. For him, despite the feelings are so personal, during the observation and understanding of work, there will always be people who feel the same things connecting one each other. The generic aspect is provoking the same feeling on different individuals. Feeling really connected one each other is the individuality.

His work is also marked by Chinese cultural characteristics. Wang affirms that the personal touch is essential in every work of art. That's the way you can achieve the others. It doesn't matter how abstract the art is: when there's a genuine individuality on the way of transmitting a vision of the world, there's also a genuine and fundamental connection with the other.

identity jeffrey wang

Jeffrey Wang is 32 years old and grew up in New York. However, he lives between Taiwan and Shanghai on these days. As a visual artist, he manages a branding, publicity, graphic design and fashion creation company.

identity jeffrey wangidentity jeffrey wang

identity jeffrey wang

If you want to know more about his work, access his website.

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