Naked girls reading: a book club for voyeurs?

naked girls reading

Reading is a pleasure, but there's nothing more annoying than a book club -- appointments when literary friends sit down, drinking a cup of tea and discharging intellectual observations about a certain kind of text. There are also torturing read out sessions. So, let's imagine an alternative available for this monotone program: a kind of book club which could be more intimate and relaxed: all its members would be naked. Interesting? Well, obviously, it's curious -- maybe... exciting.

That's exactly what a women's group from Chicago named "Naked Girls Reading" -- a project which aims the offer of books' excerpts public readings by a group of naked women. And that's all.

Michelle L'amour and Franky Vivid, artists of burlesque shows who became famous with their performances around the world, created this group. In the beginning of 2009, the idea became true in Chicago. After the first presentation, the group reached fame for their daring and now they have an agenda which includes international shows and franchises throughout the world. The readings' themes embrace from suspense, terror and science fiction to poetry, erotic reading and classical plays. Readings for every taste.

naked girls reading

naked girls reading

The presentation is made for a selected group of voyeurs using photos, videos and live performances. However -- the group corroborates -- no decay or vulgarity must be searched. "Naked Girls Reading" "is a simple concept. There are no intensions or something more about this."

I asked Michelle the reason why the show has no intentions, as I think that something with no intentions would be a blond-curled girl, sat on a square, reading a fairy tale. A group of naked women reading to a selected audience is something full of intentions -- and they can be at the exhibition of their bodies as entertainment, or at the reading as a collective pleasure. And, after all, Michelle says that the intention is joining two really beautiful and complementary things: woman and books.

And this group has already achieved varied kind of audience: from those who look for visual stimulus to those who look for intellectual stimulus. It is indeed a new way of facing books -- an alternative entertainment. Some think this is original; some get delighted with the concept, leaving misfortune to puritans; some think this is appealing... However, Michelle affirms that, watching the show, people has an almost spiritual experience.

Depending on the seat location, you can pay between 15 and 35 dollars for such spiritual experience. Who wants to get closer of the ladies, for seeing and -- supposedly -- listen better, pays more. In Chigago, homeland of the spectacle, you have the option of one 20 dollars ticket or two tickets for 35 dollars.

naked girls reading

the lavender cabaret

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