Rusty sculptures by Martin Heukeshoven

sculpture rust martin heukeshoven
Ali Babas Höhle, 2010.

Miniatures of cars are common for automobile lovers. Whether they are small toys or collection pieces, all of us have already faced a sample of this marginal art without meditating about how worthy those pieces are. Martin Heukeshoven, who is in love for any kind of vehicles, took his hobby too seriously. Now he receives demands from all over the world and his pieces can value 25 thousand euros.

Taking himself as an artisan, this 48-years-old German artist started to be interested for antique cars during the 1970's, when his brother restored those kinds of vehicles at his job. Then, Heukeshoven started to collect useful materials as a hobby, transforming them into unique objects. His passion of antique stuff and ruins provided a special touch for his sculptures, putting a decay aspect on them with steampunk reminiscences.

Using cylinders, photographic machines, type machines, used inkpots, and so on, he created realism on a small scale. His reproductions of cars like Renntransporter, Porsche 356 or Buggati Type 57 Stelvio have between 50 to 98 cm, but they are full of details inside and outside: the upholstery, the dashboards and the steering wheels. Those items are there as abandoned miniatures with time passing prints.

sculpture rust martin heukeshoven
Heavy Metal, 1996.

The ignition point for his art was "Heavy Metal", his first work, which concerns about a robust tractor. Then, his success increased and he now sells sculptures to USA, Japan, Belgium, France and Swiss, reproducing models of trades like Jaguar, Porsche, Facel Vega and Citröen.

He doesn't make more than 2 or 3 cars in one year, and each sample takes 4 months to be finished. There are times when he uses objects of the same decade of the original cars to make the reconstruction, changing gens from varied objects and perpetuating the essence of each epoch. He offer to us the beauty of decay through oxidized metal, rust -- the aged material he uses for his work was eroded by time, and Heukeshoven doesn't accentuate this process.

An Autist'Auto member since 2000, he names his work as "technic sculptures" and he reproduces not only cars, but also vans, airplanes and tractors.

sculpture rust martin heukeshoven
Ali Babas Höhle, 2010. (Detalhe.)

sculpture rust martin heukeshoven
Mercedes 300SL, 2007/2008.

sculpture rust martin heukeshoven
Packard one twenty, 2006.

Martin Heukeshoven's website.

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