The art that lies at the froth of your cappuccino

art froth cappuccino
Panda Bear

Art has no limits. And it allows the combination of art and coffee, providing fantastic creations.

"Latte art" is about manipulating the milk flow inside of a jar to the espresso coffee. With great ability and skills, drawings are creating on the froth of this kind of drink.

Sammy Lin provided notoriety for this activity. Away from his Chinese origin, living in New York, he started some years ago at the 59th Avennue (precisely in "Bottega del Vino") serving this extra to his clients. This special coffee takes between 5 to 20 second to be finished. Simple things can be made, like a flower or a sun; elaborated things can be made, as animal or Chinese symbols.

People enjoyed a lot and it spread out throughout many places, providing artistic shapes to the simple ritual of drinking coffee. Know some samples served on many places around the world:

Panda Bear (image above) - It can be appreciated at Tokyo surroundings, in Japan, where giant pandas are a symbol for the local zoos.

Straw Hat - In the company of a lavender flower, this kind of hat seems to be floating. It's served at "Straw Hat Café", placed at the Ghibli Museum, at Tokyo surroundings.
art froth cappuccino
Straw Hat

Leaf - This leaf can be appreciated on Tennessee, USA, at "The Good Cup Café". Only organic coffees and plants created on a protected means are served here.
art froth cappuccino

Monkey - This funny monkey participated of the 2009 "Free Pour Latte Art" competition, in Washington.
art froth cappuccino

Elephant - This drawing reminds us about the famous animated character "Dumbo". It was produced on a Italian festival in Tokyo by "Academia Del Caffé", recognized by its coffee quality and creativity.
art froth cappuccino

The motto is to be a real gift for eyes and taste. If you want to appreciate or share some more samples, visit the "Art in my coffee" homepage.

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