The oniric world of infrared light photography

photography light infrared oniric
Her World - by zachstern

Many factors can provide a good photograph: angle, framing, technique and, specially, a good observer behind the lens. Combined, these elements can result on fantastic images. However, expected and known images are usually created day after day.

Infrared photography, for instance, is one of the most interesting and curious techniques providing variations at this path, used with different purposes -- from aesthetic to military ones.

Infrared is a kind of light invisible to human eyes that transmits heat. It's reflected and absorbed on a significant way by sources which emits heat (living creatures); nevertheless, it's also produced for artificial light sources. But neither human eyes nor common photographic sensors are able to capture infrared. So, the enthusiasts must have special equipments in hand to make that kind of photograph.

A bright blue sky, for example, almost spare infrared light, as grass and leaves reflects a big quantity of it. Capturing this landscape in infrared, it's perceptible that the sky usually becomes dark, as the green flowers show a bright white tone. Despite a certain kind of loss of reality, this style becomes images very attractive, as they capture a ravishing abstraction level.

photography light infrared oniric
Signs of Human 4 - by zachstern

The images produced by this technique allow a diverse vision of world surrounding us, as if we're looking at an oniric and enigmatic universe. Colors and tones stimulate the senses and put usual sceneries on a new perspective. Seems like a vision beyond the visible world, as a careful mapping or a thermal effect.

For the photographer Zach Stern, specialist on infrared photographs, an artist should balance accessibility, surprise and beauty -- and that's something spectacularly made by this technique. Infrared is also an excellent mean for representing a specific theme, emphasizing some points of the image on a beautiful and unexpected mood. Watch more Zach Stern's photographs.

This technique was already used for soldiers on Second World War for detection of camouflaged shelters, and for cops and security staffs, besides helping on forest and urban mapping.

photography light infrared oniric
Fall - by zachstern

photography light infrared oniric
Mournument - by zachstern

photography light infrared oniric
The People Watching - by zachstern

photography light infrared oniric
Across the Universe - by zachstern

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