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art street El Mac

In 1980, El Mac born in Los Angeles. Since he was a child, he has been creating and studying art by himself. Human faces and all its characteristic expressions and variations are the core of his work. He focus his inspiration on looking for details around Phoenix's chicano-mexican culture, American Southeast, particularities of religious art and classical artists (Caravaggio, Mucha and Vermeer).

Around 90's, he started painting on acrylic and graphitizing at murals. Then he has been working and refining his style, in order to turn it into identity. He has made some versions of masterpieces using aerosol and, because of them, the Bruges Groeninge Museum (Belgium) invited him to work at his own interpretation of important primitive Flemish paintings. Besides, he had offers of decorating murals thorugh USA and many other countries>: Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, South Korea, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Singapore, Germany, Ireland and Vietnam.

art atreet El Mac

Some of those murals were turn into local references, mainly his partnership with Retna. The success comes from combining Mac's realistic drawings of faces and figures with Retnas' abstract design.

In 2008, Mac produced a large-extended mural for Denver Botanical Garden and took part at "Manifest hope art show" during the Annual Democratic Convention at the same city.

In 2009, his works were used at the cover of "Juxtapoz" magazine and "LA Weekly" tabloid. And 2009 also brought to him an exposition at "Fifty24SF" Gallery, in San Francisco, the publishing of a book concerning about his collaborative work with Retna by Gingko Press and a Spanish limited edition about his spray-made creations.

In 2010, he took part of "Seres Queridos" project, by Monterrey Contemporary Art Museum, in Mexico.

Despite being recognized by his art and exposing at the most orthodox places, El Mac affirms he prefers street art, painting on urban murals, creating graffiti and paintings so realistic that, sometimes, it's hard to believe they are drawings and not photographs.

You can appreciate some more works produced by him with other kinds of techniques and materials at his personal webblog.

art street El Mac

art street El Mac

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