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Obvious is a space that, for the last six years, has defined a consistent image in the world of blogs and magazines and is visited daily by over 75.000 readers.

If you wish to advertise online, this website offers you a commitment among the generalist portals and a blogosphere which can prove itself to be unpredictable towards advertisers. Every article and content in this website is duly segmented and posted according to an editorial criterion that throughout time has built an image of credibility and quality in the Internet. Send us an email.

With over 2.500.000 pages/month read, obvious is an increasingly credible way for advertisers to reach readers consistently and effectively.

blogs and sites

Obvious foresees the possibility of establishing partnerships with other websites and blogs. Feel free to contact us with you proposal of collaboration.

For those who are interested in advertising, there are several spaces and formats available to do so. Send us an email to know more about our terms and conditions about advertising.

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