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As paradas da vida pós-moderna.

Lucas Shiniglia

Sei lá. Sem ter muito o que fazer... eu escrevo. Uma rabiscada aqui, outra ali; às vezes me surpreendo ao ver um texto coerente na minha frente, então — ao invés de colocá-lo em uma pilha de textos anônimos — eu o publico aqui

Glamorous Indie rock & roll

“My affection comes and goes. It is hard to see past the surface when everything looks so perfect, but her eyes will disguise dirty on purpose; she is different, but not a different incoherent, she is just not like the other persons. The heart is hard to translate, it has an own language, even with all my education I can’t command it; so lonely, so pretty, so spontaneous, I am not capable to scape, you don’t know what you do to me, even don’t giving matter to nothing I would have done anything to know your purpose. Without any actions to impress, in your silence you become grandiose believing in the nonexistence. With one kiss you inspire a fire of devotion; what kind of person loves like this?
From the mess to the masses.”

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We, who see ourselves constantly in front of futile and limited concepts, fell uncomfortable when the most part of the persons and the media try to instruct us to wish and appreciate the common sense of mind. Constantly the rare intelligent people perceive how much the world that was structured for us doesn’t have a deeper relation to our feelings and to the way that things really are. The practical reflex of reality is overly fail and limited, not being able to give coherent answers to those who try to analyses, in a deeper and more embracing way, the explanations considered exact, irrefutable.

For many people the difference between the social impositions and the nature of things is far away from any kind of analysis, of contestation. However, still exist persons with a refined critical sense and an advanced perception, and for these people the critic of the practical reason is inevitable, in the same way the search for better answers, that explain the feelings and the reality, is intrinsic in these rare persons.

This intellectual journey, that always were present in different moments of the history, encounter different forms of expression, different ways to show unusual interpretations for our sensations and for the things around us. The most varied interpretations had, in the old ages, the architecture as the manly form of expression. This kind of art is more complicated and restricted when compared to the other forms that we see nowadays, characteristic that restricted the number of artists, the number of different points of view through the ages. As the years go on the forms of expression become more vast and full with possibilities, allowing us, nowadays, to have an infinity of forms to produce art, an infinity of ways to eternalize and spread a new idea, a new conception, a new experience. Among the most varied forms of externalize our thoughts we can say that the music is the most popular and receptive art form.

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Just like any other art form, in the music we can find fake artists and charlatans, who do not give matter to the idea that they are spreading. However, in opposite way of superficial and alienated projects, emerging as a new path of the counter culture and from the necessity to express the feelings in a genuine and visceral way, we find the Indie rock & roll.

For those who have an unusual mentality and see the things by a different perspective, that is different from the limited concepts imposed to us, the Indie rock is a tool of expression and transformation, showing new perspectives and filling the intrinsic wish of those who think different, who are different, being this deeper necessity the need of understanding of their reasons and particularities by the people around, giving with this ideal comprehension the opportunity to be made, finally, real assumptions, verifiable propositions, allowing, only in this way, the verification and validation of the experiences and explanations proposed, aspects that wasn’t able to be considered because of the lack of understanding.

Full with sensibility and lyrics that deal with the supersensible aspects, the Indie rock can be consider a genuine mode of expression, showing the unusual feelings and the complex thoughts of those who possess an unusual intelligence.

For those who are gifted with a rare sensibility, the Indie rock & roll is a valuable gift, that helps to point and to explain the depths of our mind and the unusual situations in our life, avoiding, with this deep investigation and expression, that we fall into despair due our exaggerated thoughts, that our mind is skilled to do when we can’t give a precise definition to our experiences.

Lucas Shiniglia

Sei lá. Sem ter muito o que fazer... eu escrevo. Uma rabiscada aqui, outra ali; às vezes me surpreendo ao ver um texto coerente na minha frente, então — ao invés de colocá-lo em uma pilha de textos anônimos — eu o publico aqui .
Saiba como escrever na obvious.
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